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1/18/2019New Change VisANT support email address to visant-support AT

3/31/2017 We are looking for talented postdoc and software engineer to join the NIH-sponsored project, more ...

3/30/2017 VisANT server will undergo regular maintenance on 9am Monday, April 3, 2017. We expect that the maintenance will be finished in one hour.

12/23/2016 Release of VisANT 5.51 to fix some bugs.

04/21/2016 New VisANT publication on PlOS Computational Biology focusing on time-dependent ecosystem-level metabolic networks, more...

02/26/2016 Release version 5.50, new features including hide/show embedded networks of metanodes and exploratory navigation of these hidden interactions, more...

02/24/2016 Databse maintenance was finished and system is back to normal now.

11/06/2015 Release of VisANT 5.37 with some bug fixing, especially the URL launching problem in Linux/Unix and Mac OS. VisANT 5.37 requires Java 1.6+ to run.

04/22/2015 VisAnt.jar is now signed to make it easier to run as online Applet with the latest JRE and browser. Here is the detailed Instructions for the browser settings in different OS.

03/26/2015 Release of VisANT 5.20 to modify the behavior of Reaction Node: the exploratory navigation is only available when there is no enzyme embedded in Reaction Node, otherwise, it will behave like normal metanode: double-click will show/hide embedded nodes, more...

03/24/2015 Bug-fixing release of VisANT 5.19, try the SBML sample in Applet or Web Start

03/18/2015 VisANT migration finished, please feel free to let us know if you experience any other problems.

03/17/2015 User manual for the visualization of metabolic network is updated.

03/13/2015 Release of VisANT 5.16 with enhanced edge-list format to support the specification of the node types and bug fixing.

01/02/2015 Release of VisANT 5.0 beta with new functions to support the visual analyses of of metabolic networks in cells and ecosystems

08/29/2014 Release of VisANT 4.19 with beta release of MBL plugin available under Layout menu that supports the network layout inside the metanodes.



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