Download Functional Linkage Network (FLN) data, FLN for Homo sapiens (hsa) with original weights: about 22M linkages, file size 127M

Note: the weights of the FLNs in the following data have been normalized between 0-1, FLN for Homo sapiens (hsa): about 22M linkages, file size 106M

Reference: submitted., FLN for Saccharomyces cerevisiae (sce) : about 2.3M linkages, file size 12M, FLN for Escherichia coli (eco)  : about 200K linkages, file size 1.3M

Reference: High-precision high-coverage functional inference from integrated data sources, Bolan Linghu , Evan S Snitkin , Dustin T Holloway , Adam M Gustafson , Yu Xia and Charles DeLisi

Data format:

column1: gene ID 1

column2: gene ID 2

column3: weight