VisANT has been carefully designed to fit different requirements under different scenarios. It provides four run modes as detailed below:

Online Java Applet;   Java Web Application;   Local Application;   Batch mode
  • Most common way to run VisANT. With a java-compatible browser, VisANT can be started any time at any place with internet access.
  • Always run the latest version of VisANT
  • Can not access the local resources (such as save/load networks from local disk, printing...) due to the security restriction
  • Latest release of Java and Web browser blocks Applet by default, here is the instruction to make it run
When running as Web Application you will see the security warning on the right. Click "Yes" to allow the application to run and read/write network files on your computer.

  • Access full set of functions to read and write local files (text and images).
  • Create shortcut just as standard local application
  • Automatically access the latest version of VisANT, bug fixes, etc.
  • Requires Java Web Start, which is automatically installed when you install JRE/JDK with version 1.4.2 above

  • Standard application with full functions to access local resources.
  • Useful if you need a local copy of the application to use offline
  • Keeps functions to store networks online, share by email
  • Useful if you need to develop plug-ins for VisANT

  •  VisANT is under active development, you will need to manually download VisANT to get the latest updates.
  • VisANT also provides upgrade function under Help menu to check the latest version and upgrade itself

Advantage: Disadvantage:
  • no user interaction
  • not all functions are available as the commands
  • please email us if you need new commands