VisANT XML to SVG Converter, v1.00a
Last Update: Wed, Mar 8, 2006

This tool converts VisANT XML files ("VisML", .xml) to scalable vector graphic (SVG) files. Use this as a high-resolution alternative to the built-in graphics output of VisANT. To view SVG files, you'll need the latest version of the Adobe SVG Viewer Plug-in. SVG files can be converted to other rasterized image formats (.tif, .gif, .jpg, .png) by a number of free and commercial vector drawing applications (Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape).

Note: This tool is in a preliminary (alpha) state. If you have problems or questions, email Joe Mellor ( or Zhenjun Hu (

Instructions: Select a file from your computer, and click "submit".

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Some Examples:
VisANT jpeg file (amino acid biosynthetic regulation) | SVG file of same network converted from VisML

Another example (the default start network in VisANT)

Another example (example with a metagraph)

Source code: