In this tutorial, you will learn:
1.1 load the network into VisANT by click network with edge-weight visualized using edge color only.

1.2 visualize the weight with both edge color and thickness by click the menu Options/Edge Weight Visualization/Use Edge Thickness.

1.3 Turn off the option Fine Arts using the menu Options/Fine Arts, note that weight will no long be visualized using edge thickness. Turn on this option again.

2.1 Clear the network by click the Clear button in the toolbox.

2.1 copy/paste following text (in the format of edge-list) into the Add textbox:

aaa bbb 0 M0015 1
aaa bbb 0 M0018 0.5
aaa bbb 0 M0014 0.2
aaa ccc 0 M0014 0.3
aaa ccc 0 M0024 0.6

2.3 click the Add button to add the network, and then click the Fit to Page button, you will have a network similar to the following:

2.4 single-left-mouse-clicking to select the edge with three different colors, and invoke the edge properties window through the menu Edges/Properties.

2.5 Change the weight for the method M0014 to 0.7, and click the Apply button, the edge changes:

2.6 set the general weight for the same edge to 0.3, and click the Apply button, the network will be changed:

Note: the tooltip shows both general weight and method-dependent weight.

2.7 change the general weight to any negative value, say, -1, and then click the Apply button, the edge will change back.

3.1 continued from step 2, close the edge property window

3.2 change the minimal weight cutoff to 0.6 and press the Enter key, and watch how the edge changes.

3.3 open a weighted network by clicking here.

3.4 change the minimal/maximal weight cutoff and watch the change of the network, such as: