Note: this feature is only available for VisANT 2.51 or above.

Note: this feature requires internet connection.

To activate this function, select the corresponding menu under File menu as shown in the following figure:

VisANT will then send the current network to VisANT server which will translate the network in the SVG format. The SVG data (xml file) will then shown in browser, as shown in the following:

Please save the returned SVG file in local disk and then loaded it into corresponding SVG viewer, such as Adobe SVG Viewer (free). Or you can try open-source SVG edit Inkscape

Like postscript, SVG enables you to have high quality pictures of the network. Here are some examples you can compare:

1. General screenshot of a network

2. Screenshot of the same network in the SVG format (shown using Adobe
SVG viewer)

3. Zoomed SVG file (SVG allows graph to be freely zoomed with same quality

4. SVG file of the same network with imposed expression data. (new
feature in this release allows expression profile to be shown as a