Brief Biography

  Zhenjun Hu                                                                        CURRICULUM VITAE

During the mid-1990s, Zhenjun Hu was an assistant professor at the Institute of Thermal Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China. There he investigated heat-transfer augmentation and flow visualization for blade cooling of turbine machines, designed and directed the "manufacture of three key components of the thermal control system for the first Chinese spacecraft 'ShenZhou' that was successfully launched in 1999." He later moved to the USA where he received his Ph.D. in Bio-Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University. Dr. Hu worked as a Research Associate from 2002-2007 at Boston University in the Center for Advanced Genomic Technology. He was promoted to Research Assistant Professor in 2007 and Research Associate Professor in 2011. His research at the Center for Advanced Genomic Technology has focused on "computational method for network analyses, integration and visualization" of high-throughput genomic and proteomic data. He is the lead researcher/developer behind the VisANT software system.